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Default Sweet Potato Fries

i wasn't clear either, i meant different in a big way in the recipe...
everything in the nuker is different to me but usually not worse just
different, Lee

Have a great day
"Brick" wrote in message

On 2-Nov-2009, "Stormmee" wrote:

i was specifically interested if it were different from regular in the
meatloaf, and the answer is no, but thanks i might give this a try in the

nuker, Lee

We got to talking about microwave meatloaf and I might have given
the impression that there is no difference between microwave meatloaf
and oven baked meatloaf. IMNSHO microwave meatloaf is quite
good and I usually make it that way. But I would be the last person
on earth to say that it is the same as oven baked meatloaf. Microwave
is more of a steam environment then an indirect heat environment such
as an oven. The microwave essentially lacks the carmellizing effect that
the oven produces on the surface of food. Thus there is significant
difference in the taste and texture of the final product. That doesn't
signify 'Bad', but it does signify 'Different'.

Brick said that.