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Default Sweet Potato Fries

On 2-Nov-2009, "Nonny" wrote:

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now there's a recipe i would love to see, Lee

Have a great day

Gee, I've never considered a recipe for meatloaf. It just is.

Gather together some;
Ground beef
Ground pork
Onion (Can't cook anything without onion)
Bell Pepper
Bread crumbs
Garlic (Can't cook anything without garlic either)
S & P

Mix two parts of ground beef with one part of ground pork. Add
an egg
for every 1.5 pounds of meat. Use a half cup each of chopped
onion and
pepper for each pound of meat. Mix in enough catsup to give some
to the mix. Finally mix in enough bread crumbs to firm up the
mix. It's not
critical, but you don't want to leave it too soupy. Season to
taste. Herbs
are beneficial if you have them. I like a few red pepper flakes
in mine,
but not enough to add heat. Bake uncovered on high until the
loaf begins
to pull away from the edges of the pan. If you use a regular
oven, bake
at 325F to 350F.

You don't have to use a bundt pan to cook meatloaf, but it does
to distribute the heat more evenly for a decent texture all the
You can use a loaf pan if you like or even just mould the meat
into a loaf
and cook it that way.

Anybody wants to help me out, feel free to jump in here.

I'm not chiming in with anything from experience, but my Mom used
to add in about 1/3 ground veal, saying that the veal would puff
up and make the meatloaf lighter. I once heard that the guys who
make hot dogs that are supposed to puff up and split the skin use
veal for that reason as well. I'd be interested in anybody's
thoughts on that.


Meatloaf is generally made as an economy entre' and as such
precludes the use of veal at my house. Veal in any form is too
pricey around here for me to include it in meatloaf.

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