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Default OK, I'm convinced I need to grind my own meat, tell me aboutyour grinder.....

Pologirl wrote:

I have a KitchenAid stand mixer and the meat grinder accessory. Also
the sausage stuffer, a nice add-on. The mixer gets very frequent
use. The meat grinder gets less frequent but regular use. We don't
use ground meat often, but when we do use it almost always we grind it
ourselves. Far higher quality, lower cost, and full control over fat
content etc. The sausage stuffer is really neat, and home made
sausages are so delicious.

The meat grinder accessory is very easy to clean. Some gristle may
have to be pulled off the spindle by hand, but then all the parts can
go in the dishwasher. It is easy to wash by hand too.

If you process more than 10 pounds at one time, try to find a local
meat packer and have them do it for you. Know any hunters? They'll
know who the local packers are.


Wrong answer... if you have more meat than your teeny grinder can
handle thats all the more reason to own a larger grinder of your own,
the larger the quantity of meat the more reason to own ones own
grinder. Having someone else grind your meat regardless of quantity
is never a solution... then you're back where you started from,
mystery meat, only worse because now instead of having a tiny bit of
mystery meat you have a whole boatload of mystery meat. With all your
talk about cleaning your grinder then what is the point of someone
else grinding your meat with their schmutzic grinder. That's the main
purpose of owning ones own grinder, so that they know with absolute
certainty that all aspects of grinding are done clean.

I hope no one will be running out to buy one of those tiny cheapo
attachment grinders, they are so small that most folks will continue
to buy pregrond mystery meat because it's just too much trouble to
grind meat with the toys r us thingie, plus they don't produce a very
good grind anyway, they produce mostly smeared meat... mostly what
they do is take a nice piece of pricy meat and turn it into pet food,
clean pet food but pet food never the less.

Anyone contemplating buying a meat grinder I strongly suggest buying
the largest best quality grinder they can afford that is suitable for
the home cook... if you can't afford your dream grinder right now then
save your pennies until you can, you won't be sorry. The Waring Pro
from Cabelas is an excellent buy, for home use anything with greater
capacity is over engineered... if you can afford $500 for a grinder
and your ego feels neglected then go for it but you really don't need
a commercial grinder for home use... would be like buying a 38DD bra
when you really wear a 36C.