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On Oct 31, 3:57*pm, "Nonny" wrote:
I posted about Bresaola a couple months back, after experiencing
it for the first time aboard a cruise ship. *There was some
legitimate misunderstanding about what it was: *this stuff is the
air cured beef, sliced paper thin and eaten with an olive oil
drizzle on it or wrapped around melon like Prosciutto ham. *The
stuff is the high dollar/ultimate version of dried beef. grin

You would think that living in Las Vegas, we'd have access to
about any foods imaginable. *However, after a pretty thorough
search, I located precisely NO bresaola here in town. * Period.
Well, there was one exception: Trader Joe's sold a teensy piece of
it in a "sampler" pack of cured meats, but not enough for even an

The upshot of all this was that I had to go hunting for it online
and today I ordered a pound. *It's too blasted expensive to make a
regular habit of eating, but when I get it, I'll post the details
of how it was shipped and how it compared to the ship's offering.
At the price it costs per ounce online, I bet I ate a few hundred
dollars worth per meal aboard the ship. *I sure as heck got my
money's worth that trip. grin



Nonny, I thought you were going to make it.. .

Do report back, in all events.