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Default Bresaola

I posted about Bresaola a couple months back, after experiencing
it for the first time aboard a cruise ship. There was some
legitimate misunderstanding about what it was: this stuff is the
air cured beef, sliced paper thin and eaten with an olive oil
drizzle on it or wrapped around melon like Prosciutto ham. The
stuff is the high dollar/ultimate version of dried beef. grin

You would think that living in Las Vegas, we'd have access to
about any foods imaginable. However, after a pretty thorough
search, I located precisely NO bresaola here in town. Period.
Well, there was one exception: Trader Joe's sold a teensy piece of
it in a "sampler" pack of cured meats, but not enough for even an

The upshot of all this was that I had to go hunting for it online
and today I ordered a pound. It's too blasted expensive to make a
regular habit of eating, but when I get it, I'll post the details
of how it was shipped and how it compared to the ship's offering.
At the price it costs per ounce online, I bet I ate a few hundred
dollars worth per meal aboard the ship. I sure as heck got my
money's worth that trip. grin


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