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Default weight loss pork, beef

On Oct 30, 10:54*am, Tutall wrote:
On Oct 29, 4:53*pm, Pierre wrote:

30-40% loss on both items would be typical.

That seems on the high side for brisket which doesn't have the inner
fat and water volume pork does. Do others concur with this percentage
of loss for a packer cut brisket?

The 30 - 40% concurs with my experiences on brisket. Whether it is
the pieces I pick out, or the way I cook it, usually my finished
brisket hits about the 25% less than starting weight mark.

However, I trim down to about 1/4" fat all the way around, and cut off
all the hard stuff before I apply rub or smoke. So I might be cutting
off a half pound or so of fat or more on a 15# brisket before it ever
sees the pit.

That would raise it back up to about +/- 30% if I was actually
calculating from the original package weight.

Of course, each piece of meat is different, but that seems the norm
for me.