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Default more food tourism

sf wrote:

(Steve Pope) wrote:

The next phase involved and equally moutnainous
drive, part through a valley (the Valerina?) which
has changed but half a naugt in centuries; and
then dropping down to sora where our next biostay
is. We have just arrived so more later...

This is sounding wonderful. It's the type of Italian vacation my son
in law would love. He wanted to spend 6 months on some type of farm
in Italy a couple of years ago. Take pictures and post ASAP!

The pictures are uploaded from camera to laptop, I just
need to refig them and get them on my website.

Your non bio son would probably like this sort of farmstay. I
must admit that every other guest here is between 20 and
30 years younger than us. I feel that we should have
done this in our youth, except that in our youth, this
sort of thing did not even exist.

But there are now tons of tourist farms in Italy; I think
we found these places through Slow Travel or Slow Food.
(The proprietor here has said the Slow Food people have
been through, but said it with a bit of a shudder:
sort of like, "We're Slow Food, and we're here to help!"