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Default more food tourism

Giusi wrote:

The next phase involved and equally moutnainous
drive, part through a valley (the Valerina?) which
has changed but half a naugt in centuries; and
then dropping down to sora where our next biostay

is. We have just arrived so more later...

That's where I went a couple of weeks ago, where I boight the wonderful
potatoes! They are famous there for trout as well, since the waters of the
Nera are so clean and cold. Past the Valnerina id the Pianogrande of Umbria
with lentils of Casteluccio and Norcia which is famous for its pork since
Roman days. This is a true foodie trip!

Yes I recall your saying that you went up there; I believe you
were much further up in the mountains, in Norcia. We only
went through the 4 km tunnel that takes you to the middle
of the valley of Valnerina, and continued south. So we
saw about half of it, but it was beautiful. We had enough
time for a one hour walk up the disused railway path up
a side canyon.

Today was equally good; we went from Sora, to the Abruzzo
National Park and hiked around for about three and a half
hours. There was nobody up there, just some
cattle and donkeys wearing cowbells to scare the bears
away. On the highest part of the trail, there was some
definite bear scat -- the only bear who lives in Abruzzo
is a grizzly bear, and this was large enough scat that
it sure looked like a grizzly. But we did not see the bear,
nor the other famous occupants of the park like the chamois.

The fall colors are really beautiful right now.