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Default more food tourism

Christine Dabney wrote:

On Wed, 28 Oct 2009 22:45:29 +0000 (UTC),

(I tried to email an earlier version of this report
to Christine but due to failed web-email interfaces
I think it never got there.)

Never got it.

Yes, I suspected so. But now I have a better internet
connection, at least for a couple days.

The hoped for one-hour drive from Linate to Parma
didn't quite work out, as we were half way to
Parma before we actually found the autostrada...
I was navigating by compass (which ultimately
works, but incrementally).

Ya know...maps work quite well.

Right. My excuse is, while we bought a brand new map
of central Italy while we were in London, it does not
go as far north as Parma or Milan, and I figured I
could get by with a 20-year-old Michelin map of that
area. Clearly, roads and autostradas (autostrade?)
have moved around considerably in the intervening length
of time.

Now that we're on the newer map I'm much less disoriented. :-)

Take pictures of the food, etc.
Jot down what you ate at these multi-course meals.. I don't know if
anyone else is interested, but I sure am!!

Thanks. I hope to upload some photos very soon.

I am bringing a lot of my Italian cookbooks to the bay area, so
Italian food will be cooked and eaten a lot. Even if I can't get to
Italy now, I can at least eat like an Italian. And Kermit Lynch has
some great values on Italian wines now. Will be getting a case or
two..or more.

This sounds like a plan!