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Default Ques' on grilling salmon

Pete C. wrote:
Bob-tx wrote:

Have never grilled, smoked, cooked, or eaten fresh salmon. Want to
try grilling some. Any suggestions on spices, techniques, etc?

Thanks, Bob-tx

I typically smoke a side of salmon in the smoker when I'm smoking 'Q.
Since the brisket takes nearly forever and the salmon only a couple
hours the salmon is a nice lunch while tending the smoker. I never add
anything but a little salt and pepper.

Good stuff Pete. Back in the day when I started all this
nonsense I would steak cut the Salmon 1.5"-2.0" and put in a
ECB with mesquite wood. Smoke for 2 hours and serve on a bed
of greens with light Italian salad dressing.

I caught Cindy's heart that way. )