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Default "Great Wine Capital" of the World

On Oct 17, 5:00*am, Michael Pronay > wrote:
> "st.helier" > wrote:
> > Until today, I had never heard of the designation "Great Wine
> > Capital" of the World.

> > Membership had comprised eight "capitals" - any country entitled
> > to one only.

> > Christchurch, New Zealand now joins Bordeaux, Capetown,
> > Florence, Mainz, Mendoza, Porto, Bilbao - Rioja and San
> > Francisco - Napa Valley.

> > The Christchurch/Southern New Zealand wine region includes 295
> > wineries, encompassing Marlborough some 300km by road to the
> > north as far south as Central Otago, 400km south.

> > I understand that Adelaide, South Australia will be "inducted"
> > shortly.

> Interesting.
> Thus said, the only capital in the world with a serious wine
> industry within its limits is Vienna, Austria, with some 700
> hectares of vineyards.
> M.

I have to say the "Great Wine Capitals" network of the world seems
like a crock of sh$t to me. OK, one can argue Bordeaux over Beaune,
Florence over Turin, etc. San Francisco is an hour+ from Napa
(Sacramento is about same distance). Is Bilbao in Rioja? Mainz is more
important than Trier? Totally meaningless list IMHO