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Default '08 Drouhin St. Veran

On Oct 16, 11:49*am, Mark Lipton wrote:
Last night, Jean was helping out with the first annual "Science Night"
at Andrew's school. *After it was over, we all went out for a late
dinner (7:30 -- late now that Andrew goes to bed at 8) at a local
restaurant. *With a quick dinner of arctic char (for me), we got:

2008 Joseph Drouhin St. Veran
nose: minerals, crisp appley fruit, a hint of popcorn butter
palate: crisp, medium body, slightly viscous

This, along with the Beaujolais Blanc of JP Brun, is one of our few
Chardonnay purchases these days. *The '08 edition seems quite a bit more
interesting than the '07 was (surprise!) and is a decent QPR at
$15/bottle locally. *Even better, it's now sealed with screwcap! *Hooray!

Mark Lipton
-- FAQ: *

I actually love the 07, for a $13 wine I'm surprised to hear you
didn't think it interesting, I look forward to trying the 08