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Default Brewing Tea - Water, Temperature, and Time

I guess it is a function of how much you paid for the crab. Since for
us it was free we skipped that part. I never wanted to know what the
crab was digesting if that is what crustaceans do. We also didnt eat
that part in crawdads.


On Oct 16, 8:41 am, "Dominic T." > wrote:
> On Oct 16, 10:20 am, Space Cowboy > wrote:
> > I to this day who use to catch
> > crab on the gulf coast dont know if I am suppose to eat the mushy
> > stuff in the shell.

> Ans yes you can eat the stuff in the shell, not the grayish "lungs",
> but the yellow/green/brown gunk which goes by many names in many
> cultures... many claim it is the best part. I don't personally buy it,
> but I did have it prepared once and on top of a small piece of crusty
> bread which was very good... still not my idea of a good time. My
> grandmother would fight you for it even at 93+ however.
> - Dominic