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Default Brewing Tea - Water, Temperature, and Time

On Oct 16, 10:20*am, Space Cowboy > wrote:
> I had the opposite experience recently. *Im over at a guys house where
> I would guess he is using 25g of tea where 5g would do. *I didnt say
> anything because he is active in a tea blog so I let it pass. *I saw
> him later and he said he got some scales because he was using too much
> tea. *I would have said the British use cream and sugar to tame the
> bitter taste the way you just made it. *I to this day who use to catch
> crab on the gulf coast dont know if I am suppose to eat the mushy
> stuff in the shell. *Even if we use the right parameters does that
> guarantee an appreciation of tea. *I try to suggest that selecting tea
> is like hunter gathering. *Let your instincts guide you. *Its an
> adventure. *I think this more important than parameters which sort
> themselves out.
> Jim

Yes, many people don't even make it to that point which is what I'd
like to address. I know once I've given these very basic instructions
to family/friends they always end up enjoying tea more... they may
never progress or care to but it at least lets them in and opens up
the potential for further exploration.

Ans yes you can eat the stuff in the shell, not the grayish "lungs",
but the yellow/green/brown gunk which goes by many names in many
cultures... many claim it is the best part. I don't personally buy it,
but I did have it prepared once and on top of a small piece of crusty
bread which was very good... still not my idea of a good time. My
grandmother would fight you for it even at 93+ however.

- Dominic