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Default Brewing Tea - Water, Temperature, and Time

On Oct 16, 8:01*am, Space Cowboy > wrote:
> I always tell people if they can boil water they can make tea. *They
> can learn the variables later.
> Jim

Agreed, but often in cafes they simply plunk in the tea bag(s) or the
loose tea and offer no instruction to the customer or even a place to
put the tea once it has brewed to the desired strength... which makes
people believe it is meant to be left in. That was the conversation I
had had which prompted me to write this. A woman asks the woman behind
the counter how long she should let her tea steep and the answer was
"oh, just leave it in, it's fine" Followed by a couple minutes later
the customer walking back up with the cup stating that it was way too
bitter to drink. Not offering any info the worker just tossed it out
and simply handed her another one. Both were frustrated.

I was sitting near the customer so I simply asked what kind of tea she
had chosen, it was a black tea and I noticed they had used about 4
Tablespoons of leaf both times which could have brewed a pot or three
not a small cup. So I said with that much tea try like 30 seconds to a
minute and set the tea strainer on a spare lid. She was thankful to
just get some instruction and enjoyed the tea. People just need some
basics and they can go from there, but with every tea in these places
being treated like they are all the same it's impossible for people to
get even a decent representation of what it should be.

I think we take a lot for granted at times, I know my first struggles
all surrounded around combating bitterness and astringency but I had
no idea that each tea was different and that wasn't the only goal, to
not produce some bitter/acrid cup. Just a nudge beyond that point
opens up a level of comfort and enjoyment which is the first and last
barrier to many people getting into tea. I've seen it with friends and
family, they just need some starting point beyond just boiling water
and tossing the tea in.

- Dominic