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Default Shiraz-soy Grilled Flank Steak Recipe.

There's so much wrong here. Let's start the critique. eg

On Oct 12, 10:30*am, chris wrote:
Shiraz + Flank Steak + Charcoal = Incredible flavour!
What else can I say? Some things are just meant to go together.

To start with calling out a specific varietal? To *cook* with? I got
four words for you: Paul Mason Hearty Burgundy. Use it for all your
red wine cooking needs. Or whatever's handy. I don't care. The end
result will be essentially the same. I know, I know "hearty burgundy
soy steak" doesn't have the same zing. If you're going for a soundbite
I suggest Malbec-Soy. Or maybe not, sounds a bit too much like a Nazi
concentration camp doesn't it.


Usually this would be shown as

Flank Steak (Doh)



•Whisk the first 8 ingredients into a glass bowl.

Really? We're fond of whisking flank steak here, really. Maybe if you
listed the marinade separately this very important distinction would
be unnecessary. What if someone can't count? You don't want to be
insensitive to the numerically challenged do you? Can we count you in?

•Pour marinade over steak and completely cover.
•Place in fridge and marinate 2 hours or overnight, turning

Why turn if it's completely covered? Redunant. Ziploc bags are
unbeatable for marinading in BTW.

I'd not thought to add red wine to my soy based marinades though, have
to give it a try.

Soy is very salty and this is a heavy marinade which makes it a little
less versatile. i.e. you wouldn't want to use this flank steak in a
burrito, it should be eaten on it's own, probably with rice to offset
the hearty flavors this would have.

A citrus marinade is my current favorite for flank steak. What's some

And chris? RFC is more of a recipe newsgroup if you're looking to
share those, we're more process oriented since our basic has 3
ingredients: meat, heat, smoke.