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Default Barbecue Cookbooks

On 6-Oct-2009, RockPyle wrote:

On Sep 30, 8:34*am, RockPyle wrote:
On Sep 10, 5:20*am, Sqwertz wrote:

Chickens came out great! Skin was not crispy but edible (better then
the beer can chicken I made previously). Meat was tender and the
citrus/spice flavor was exquisite!

So, two thumbs up for the first cooking lesson from Wiviott's book!


Nice narrative Rock. I use a lot of that Mojo Criollo myself. All of
the stores around here have it. (Maybe it's because 70% of the
population is Spanish Speaking.). I have smoked quite a few chickens
using a brine overnight or even for 48 hours. A good citrus brine
such as Hound's Brine is excellent and probably better then Mojo
Criollo for chicken. If you want the skin to be more appealing, you
can pop the smoked and still hot chicken in a very hot 400 - 500F
oven for ten or fifteen minutes. It works particularly good for whole
chickens. Not sure about spatchcocked or halved as you did yours.
But I should think a broiler would work in that case.

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