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Default Watch out for your burgers

"Dave Bugg" wrote in message

Too true. That's the beauty of grinding your own burger from your
own fresh
hunks o' meat :-)

This has me thinking and remembering. Long ago, we lived near a
friend who had an unusual way of making hamburger. Perhaps I'll
give it a try.

The guy and his family loved steaks and other cuts of beef. As
with most families, there would be leftovers from cookouts,
including large chunks of steak. When he'd have a rib roast, say
for Thanksgiving or Christmas, there would be some cooked
leftovers as well. When he'd make a stew, he'd have leftovers
including uncooked trimmings and stewed meat.

The guy kept a bag in his chest-type freezer and any decent
looking piece of COOKED or raw beef would be tossed in.
Eventually, he'd haul the bag out, thaw the meat enough to
separate the pieces, then run it all through is meat grinder. The
resulting hamburger would have a mix of (as I recall) about 50-50
cooked and uncooked beef in it: all from leftovers and trimmings
of large cuts of beef.

The meat was fantastic in chili and even burgers. The previously
cooked and seasoned leftovers from steak or roasts added
tremendously to the flavor of the food and to me, it seemed a wise
way to use leftovers. This was before the concerns of
contaminated hamburger. Maybe I'll start a bucket in the freezer
with leftover meat in it.


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