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Default Cherry Wine


I started a cherry wine about three months ago using Bing cherries.
Now I am seeing a haze on the surface of the wine (still in carboy).
Thinking this was maybe a protien in balance I added bentonite about
three weeks ago and racked off of the lees last weekend. The haze has
now re-appeared. The aroma of the wine is not bad, but it does not
have a cherry smell. I have heard of pectin haze and think this might
be the issue. When I think of pectin I think of the pectin my mom use
to put on top of the jam she made and the memories of that smell is
what I get from the wine (unless I am imagining).

My questions a

Has anyone dealt with a pectin haze and does the symptoms above seem

If it is pectin haze do I just simply apply another dose of pectic

Am I way of base, do you have any other suggestions or ideas?

Thanks much!