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Default jasmine rice?

"Tracy" wrote
I am almost out and I was planning on picking some up at Trader Joe's this
weekend. I happened upon an asian grocery unexpectedly and figured, I'd be
able to get some there. They only had "organic" jasmine rice. It was $12
for a five pound bag. What the??? Nevermind.

Grin, some of the stuff at the local Asian grocery here is pretty pricy too
but it's a specialty rice if so. Like, there's a lovely japan import set
for making candies and things. I pay 20$ for a 2 kg bag of it. It cost
about the same in Japan when we lived there (store markup). It lasts a long

Later the same day I was in a local grocery store and I decided to check
the price there. $7 for a five pound bag. I still thought it was kind of
on the high side.

Depending on the type (true India version for example which has more aroma)
that might be a decent rate for Boston.

We don't eat a lot of rice, but I like to keep different kinds around
(brown, sticky, and jasmine).

Me too, except the browns. My family refuses to eat them. They dislike the
nutty flavor it adds.

Common he sweet glutenous for sushi, basmati (often have Texas and India
versions), jasmine (Thai and American versions), calrose medium (USA
versions), sweet candy rice, and rice flour ;-). Often I have all of those
in stock at once.

What do you pay for jasmine rice? I live in the Boston area and everything
tends to be more expensive here.

USA jasmines, about 2.50 for a 5 lb bag. 5-6$ for 2 kg bags of Thai.