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Default jasmine rice?

On Sep 26, 8:26*pm, Tracy wrote:
I am almost out and I was planning on picking some up at Trader Joe's
this weekend. I happened upon an asian grocery unexpectedly and figured,
I'd be able to get some there. They only had "organic" jasmine rice. It
was $12 for a five pound bag. What the??? Nevermind.

Later the same day I was in a local grocery store and I decided to check
the price there. $7 for a five pound bag. I still thought it was kind of
on the high side.

We don't eat a lot of rice, but I like to keep different kinds around
(brown, sticky, and jasmine).

What do you pay for jasmine rice? I live in the Boston area and
everything tends to be more expensive here.


I almost never buy it unless the cuisine/recipe demands it, but when I
bought rice yesterday, the bag of jasmine (3 to 4 lbs at least) was
less than three bucks and the Uncle Ben's was $4.09 for a 2 lb box.
I've been using Uncle Ben's because I prefer the taste and texture
and the fact that the grains are moist and separate not soggy and
Lynn in Fargo
PS: that was in the supermarket not any of the Asian/Ethnic stores