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Default Tailgating anyone?

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"Nancy Young" wrote:

Tom Biasi wrote:

The TG's at Giant's stadium used to be awesome. You could walk around
the parking lot and socialize and trade food.
The TG squad now patrols the lot and dampers the fun a little. They
want you in your own spot and not in a an adjacent parking space.
So your setup has to be in the same parking spot as your car. I tow a
trailer and take 1.5 spots. I tell them I drove two vehicles to the
game and need two spots.
So far just a sideways look and they leave.

Isn't parking still tight because they built a new stadium? It might ease
up after things settle down.

The stadium is almost in downtown San Francisco. It's *never* going to
settle down there. That's just a high density area. We take the ferry
to the game. Close parking costs more than the ticket to the game. The
old stadium (which is still there, but not used for baseball anymore),
is in a lower density area.

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