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Default Tailgating anyone?

On Sat, 12 Sep 2009 21:05:20 -0400, "Nancy Young"

--Tom Biasi wrote:
-- The TG's at Giant's stadium used to be awesome. You could walk around
-- the parking lot and socialize and trade food.
-- The TG squad now patrols the lot and dampers the fun a little. They
-- want you in your own spot and not in a an adjacent parking space.
-- So your setup has to be in the same parking spot as your car. I tow a
-- trailer and take 1.5 spots. I tell them I drove two vehicles to the
-- game and need two spots.
-- So far just a sideways look and they leave.
--Isn't parking still tight because they built a new stadium? It might ease
--up after things settle down.
--Today at my game, long story short I wound up waiting in the outdoor
--stairwells to keep out of the rain. The stairs overlooked the
--handicapped parking area. Something caught my eye and I realized
--that people were parked in handicapped and taking up the next
--space (or two) with their canopies and their other tailgating stuff.
--People who also had handicap rights kept driving by slowly
--looking for a spot. One guy finally got a group to move their
--stuff so they could squeeeeeze into the space. Then he helped
--his elderly passenger with double leg amputations into his
--wheelchair to go into the game.
--Imagine? Of all people, shouldn't the people who use handicapped
--parking know not to take up extra spaces?? It's a different matter
--from your situation where some people do wind up taking up
--extra spots. I don't understand why the police weren't right
--there writing tickets.
--See what you did, set me off. (laugh)

They do it because they think they can, we have the same probnlem here