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Default Tailgating anyone?

"Kris" wrote in message
Good morning all,

This lovely fall weather and college football starting has been making
me think of maybe having a tailgate.

I've only ever brought a contribution to one before, not actually
organized one.

I might even "cheat" and have it in my driveway (I know, it's lame,
but I live two blocks aways from the local high school field so it's a
close subtitute).

When I think of tailgates, I think of:

bloody marys and/or pony keg
chili con queso w/ tortilla chips
some sort of soup
brats (maybe sauerkraut too?)
Some sort of hold-in-hand-to-eat dessert (like cookies or bars)

Has anyone else hosted one? Or been to one that had a great menu?
Recipe & planning ideas welcome.

Go Michigan State,

The TG's at Giant's stadium used to be awesome. You could walk around the
parking lot and socialize and trade food.
The TG squad now patrols the lot and dampers the fun a little. They want you
in your own spot and not in a an adjacent parking space.
So your setup has to be in the same parking spot as your car. I tow a
trailer and take 1.5 spots. I tell them I drove two vehicles to the game and
need two spots.
So far just a sideways look and they leave.