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Default Tailgating anyone?

Kris wrote:
On Sep 12, 11:31 am, "Nancy Young" wrote:

Today's tailgate is washed out, but I had all my ingredients for
stromboli ready (pizza dough, prosciutto, salami, pastrami, hot
peppers), so I made them anyway. Froze one, baked the other and had
that for lunch. Unfortunately my brain let me down at the last
minute and I forgot to eggwash the outside of the stromboli before
baking it. Tasted great, looked anemic. Oh, well.

Those both sound good! How do you transport the stromboli (pale or

I wrap it in foil, then in a towel or something. It doesn't need to
stay hot or warm for longer than 45 minutes to an hour.

And I'm easy, I'd even eat it cold. Heh.