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Default TN: SOBER @ Dan's, with Bdx, Burg, Loire, Nahe, Rhone, Champagne,Brunello

On Sep 3, 11:33*am, Mark Lipton > wrote:
> DaleW wrote:
> > To table for the blind wines where Dan kept us on our toes with
> > fanciful numbering/naming of the decanters.

> > First flight ("Nothing is something, but 3 is an 11")
> > Second flight (with angel hair pasta with shrimp and a light touch of
> > fresh tomato sauce)
> > Third Flight (with a mushroom soup with porcini ravioli)
> > Fourth Flight (" the King, the Queen, and the Pawn" - the beef, fries,
> > and green beans were served with this flight)
> > Flight Five (Elvis, Fat Man, and Little Boy)

> Great notes and great lineup, Dale. *Did Dan have any explanation of the
> flight names? *4 and 5 make some sense, though the Elvis reference is a
> bit puzzling; the first label has me scratching my head, though. *And
> did 2 and 3 bear any labels?
> Mark Lipton
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> FAQ: *

OK, this is one of those things where you try to explain something to
someone who wasn't there. But here goes:
Dan brought out the first whites in decanters, one decanter had 3 on
it, other one nothing, so he passed "Nothing" & 3. Tim said ""Nothing
is something, but 3 is an 11" (referencing Spinal Tap, the 3 was the

I think decanters one and two were the first reds (Brunello/87 Mouton)

Fourth Flight he used other decanters which he called " the
King" (tall rather ornate decanter), the Queen (a bit shorter), and
the Pawn (shortest). If we had thought he was being symbolic we would
have realized the King (Bordeaux) and the Queen (Burgundy), though I'd
have called Rhone more a Bishop, Knight, or Rook

Fifth flight he reused the King (for another Beychevelle!) plus a
magnum decanter (Fat Boy) and Little Man. Not sensing the logic behind
his madness, we called the King Elvis.

I included inside jokes as some folks read the other forum

Flight Five (Elvis, Fat Man, and Little Boy) :