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On Sep 1, 3:06*pm, DaleW wrote:
On Aug 30, 7:39*am, Bobchai wrote:

The statement by the previous writer that H2S smells like a burnt
match is incorrect. *Now you're talking about SO2, sulfur dioxide.
Not the same thing at all. *SO2 remains a critical part of winemaking
operations, and while it is an additive, it's also a natural by-
product of fermentation. *SO2 is a whole other topic, except to say
that it is the best antioxidant in a winemaker's arsenal, which I
should have mentioned in a previous paragraph.

Bob (you're less formal than you used to be! )

Welcome back, and thanks for the informative post. I'm sorry if you
read my "just lit matches" comment as referring to H2S, I just meant
that people often refer to the smell of sulphur *as reductive. As
noted, I find that far less troublesome, and even in fairly extreme
cases (Prum) it blows off in a few minutes (or you can try a penny). I
don't regard SO2 as a flaw.

) odors.

PS I should note that I'm pretty sulphur insensitive, and others might
regard these wines as flawed (Pierre Rovani famously did while
reviewing German Riesling for WA).