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Default Pyrex measuring cup gets hot in microwave!

"S Viemeister" wrote in message
Wayne Boatwright wrote:
On Mon 24 Aug 2009 06:55:43a, S Viemeister told us...

Yesterday, I bought an extra two-cup Pyrex measuring jug, as it's a
frequently used size, and I've been known to break them...

Today I used it for melting butter in the microwave - and found the
handle to be quite warm after only a minute. _None_ of my other Pyrex
ware has ever done this. The colour of the glass was a bit greener than
my older stuff, but I have yellowish-, aqua- and blue-tinted Pyrex, none
of which get warm when microwaved.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Actually, no, and I have a fairly wide range of Pyrex and Anchor Hocking
measuring cups.

I have a wide range of various Pyrex items, too (and FireKing), and have
had no problems with them - but I've had them for quite some time. I'm
wondering about the new stuff, though. Pyrex seems to be produced by a
number of different companies now, and perhaps some of them are cutting a
few corners?

In the last year I have bought two 'sets' of Pyrex - basically they are
pyrex pans and bowls. I noticed that one set is much heavier than the
other. Perhaps sand is getting more expensive? :-))
Dee Dee