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Default Beef Eye of Round "sous vide" disaster

Ed wrote:

Apparently high brow steak houses do this routinely, over a 12-24 hour
period. The steak is then seared at 1700F with an infrared burner, and then
to the table, as here. Hubert Keller,
of French Laundry fame has just published a cookbook about sous vide.

Minor correction: it's THOMAS Keller of French Laundry fame. The book is
"Under Pressu Cooking Sous Vide."

Thomas and Hubert are not related.

Now, as to your claim that Ruths Chris does sous vide before grilling,
having eaten there it didn't sound right, I just called our local RC and
no, they do not sous vide a steak before grilling. It was "Huh? Sue
what?" So, I explained the process. Nope. Season and sizzle is about it.
BTW, it's 1800F degrees and not 1700F. But hey, what's 100F between
friends. ;-)

Bob has dabbled a bit with sous vide, but we have been less than
impressed with the results. It does lend itself better to smaller, more
delicate cuts of meat. I would never do eye of round that way.