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Default Breakfast: Pancakes or waffles?

On Aug 1, 8:30*am, John Kuthe wrote:
On Aug 1, 8:16*am, Bobo Bonobo® wrote:

On Aug 1, 7:49*am, Andy wrote:

Breakfast: Pancakes vs. waffles?

Tough decision!


Waffles, if they weren't such a PITA to make!


Drove to Del Taco and ordered a Macho Combo Burrito, no red sauce,
easy sour cream, extra-extra green sauce. *I had a coupon that brought
the price down to $2! *Nice icewater to drink.

The Del Taco on McCausland?

I'm having the usual beans, rice and diced smoked sausage. Didn't get
up to the Hi Point to see Food Inc yet and may not before it goes
away. I don't think they have cheap matinees, and I'm not paying a
regular theater ticket price.

That's very near Del Taco. I've got coupons galore.

John Kuthe...