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Default salt grinder - see through

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On Mon, 27 Jul 2009 15:23:10 -0400, "Dee Dovey"

Never mind -- I think I'll send off for the Kuhn Rikon which has a
acrylic container and ceramic grinder, with mostly good reviews - at

The Oxo Good Grips on Amazon is a see-through ceramic grinder, with all
ratings. It has also gotten a good review from Cooks Magazine, and might
easier to operate than others.

We have a pair of see-through salt and pepper mills, both with ceramic
mechanisms, but the salt mill is very difficult to turn once the moist
starts caking.

Have you considered simply running a tablespoon or two at a time through a
pulsing whirly-blade spice grinder? That's what I do when I want finely
sea salt.

-- Larry

Thanks, Larry. I did grind it in the Krups whirly-blade. It did a good
job, but I probably ground it too long and it was hard to get all of it out,
some packed, all not too consistent.

I am making some gray-green lentils which will probably turn to mush and
not depend on salt turning them too tough, so I dumped the rest out onto a
small plate and added to the lentils. Though, I could have licked the
plate, like a salt-lick. Moo! Moo!

DH will be in CT again soon, so I'm going to have him pick me up the little
cheapie at Ikea, and then I'll go from there if it is not satisfactory to a
more expensive one that will sit beside my plate.

Dee Dee