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Default salt grinder - see through

"Dee Dovey" wrote in message ...
| I've purchased some Celtic and Spanish (they may be the same thing) and
| although DH can eat it as an addition to his food, I cannot.
| It is too coarse for me as it will cut into the sides of my mouth.
| Can anyone recommend an excellent salt grinder that the grinder part will
| not cause the salt to become a cruddy mess. This salt seems moist, to me.

Michael Chiarello on his shows and website promotes grey salt, which is
damp. He has two grinders that he recommends specifically for the damp
salt, I don't know whether they would pass your vetting but you might
take a look at them, this is the manual one and he also has an automatic
that you could find on the same NapaStyle website. His stuff is generally
of a high quality.