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Default Air Pot for coffee

"Chuck Olson" wrote in message

"Miles Bader" wrote in message
"Chuck Olson" writes:

No, you just push the big button, and a certain amount of liquid comes
out of the spout (which is near the top); if you want more, you push the
big button again. It really is kinda like operating a pump -- "Pushing"
the big button is a sort of smooth stroke, so you can stop pushing at
any point and the liquid stops immediately.

It works pretty well (well the ones I've used have, anyway; Zojirushi is
probably the brand you want, if you're going for high quality).


Thanks again, Miles - - I went to the flea market this morning and found 5
Air Pots of different makes and capacities. I think I even saw the
Zojirushi that you mentioned - - very interesting. Yes, I understand now
how they work - -

I appreciate your help,


I forgot: