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Default Air Pot for coffee

"Miles Bader" wrote in message
"Chuck Olson" writes:
I'm not sure the exact mechanism, but AFAIK the "big button" just drives
a bellows-type pump; it does _feel_ like it's somehow air-damped or
something though... I've only used them for hot water and tea, but
they're very nice for that -- store lots of liquid, keep it hot forever,
easy to dispense.

[Lots of more fancy types too that will heat the water as well (though
it's only necessary occasionally, as they vacuum container keeps it hot
for a long time), have electrically driven pumps, etc.]


Bigot, n. One who is obstinately and zealously attached to an opinion that
you do not entertain.

Hey, Thanks for the info, Miles - -

I have just one problem - - there must be two things, then, that you have to
do - - pump the "big button" and then open a spigot to dispense only the
amount of hot water you want. Is that how it works?