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Default Air Pot for coffee

"Chuck Olson" writes:
I recently found a container advertised for dispensing coffee called an
"Air Pot", typically manufactured by Bunn, Bloomfield or Wilbur
Curtis. I'm curious about the use of "Air" in the "Air Pot". The problem
is, Bunn never reveals how their Air Pot works. I guess they assume if
you want one, there's no need to explain. So I'm looking for someone who
likes coffee so much that he or she has found a 2 1/2 liter "Air Pot" to
be useful, and maybe explain to me how "air" is involved.

I'm not sure the exact mechanism, but AFAIK the "big button" just drives
a bellows-type pump; it does _feel_ like it's somehow air-damped or
something though... I've only used them for hot water and tea, but
they're very nice for that -- store lots of liquid, keep it hot forever,
easy to dispense.

[Lots of more fancy types too that will heat the water as well (though
it's only necessary occasionally, as they vacuum container keeps it hot
for a long time), have electrically driven pumps, etc.]


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