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Default Rice Flour!

Merryb wrote:
On Jun 25, 3:04 pm, "Mr. Joseph Littleshoes Esq."
Why has nobody mentioned this to me?

I bought & used my first 1 pound box of rice flour today. I was
reaching for a 5 pound bag of "Gold Medal" white flower and i saw next
to it a 1 pound box of rice flour, i didn't even really, consciously
think about it, i just grabbed the rice flour, didn't even look at an
ingredients label till after i had eaten some, that's all right though,
seems i inadvertently bought a prestige brand of rice flour

At the back of my mind i was reluctant to carry a 5 pound bag of white
flour around with me while i walked around & did some other shopping in
the local Asian shopping area.

I made a simple white sauce with it.

After sautéing in butter a couple of peeled & diced, precooked, baked
potatoes with a clove of crushed garlic i added a tbs. of the rice
flour, let it brown a bit and coat all the potatoes & mix with the
butter to form a roux & fond. I then put in a cup of milk or so, let it
come to a nice thick sauce stage and tasted. It is subtly superb. And
with a specific, though very subtle taste i recall from many sauces in
many restaurants. Much better than white flour for a sauce.

To finish this mornings sauce i put a half cup of grated sharp cheddar
in it to melt & mix in, needless to say, i am very pleased.
Mr. Joseph Littleshoes Esq.

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Let the games begin!

I used to work in a bakery that used it for shortbread...

That's about the only Western food I've seen it in. Of course, I
am not speaking of recipes that have been altered to eliminate gluten.

Jean B.