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Default Clay product

"Sky" wrote in message
Dee Randall wrote:

I brought a cooking product some time ago made from clay, which I had
that was made from clay in the U.S., I believe it was in Ohio.

However, when this product arrived, it stated on the box that it was made
Taiwan. I called the company I brought it from, and they said that it
was a
box mis-print that that it was really made in Ohio (or made from Ohio
AIR). Later on I looked at the bottom of the pot and saw that it did say
Taiwan, as well, on the bottom.

I made the choice to keep the pot, but have been somewhat leary of using
mainly because I have purchased other products made of clay made in China
that I have put away or got rid of because of possible lead content. [I
realize politically and geographically that China and Taiwan are

This product is in use by Americans; and they have nothing but praise for
it. But I do wonder what is on the bottom of theirs, U.S. or Taiwan.

DH says that he thinks clay fired in Taiwan is probably not different
ours -- I'm thinking, do we have any brand-name fired products made here
the U.S. any longer? Pftzalgraff (sp?) is made in Mexica, AFAIK.

I bought two of these La Cloche, oblong and round, and I'm ready to use.
guess I'm looking for some confidence.

Dee Dee

I wonder if a lead test kit used to detect lead in paint can be used to
test possible lead content in clay cookware? Just an idea . .. . ... .


Sky, I answered your post, but I see it got lost.
To make it short, thanks.
Dee Dee