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Default Clay product

Dee Randall wrote:
I brought a cooking product some time ago made from clay, which I had read
that was made from clay in the U.S., I believe it was in Ohio.

However, when this product arrived, it stated on the box that it was made in
Taiwan. I called the company I brought it from, and they said that it was a
box mis-print that that it was really made in Ohio (or made from Ohio clay
AIR). Later on I looked at the bottom of the pot and saw that it did say
Taiwan, as well, on the bottom.

I'm sure that was a mis-print, too. What it was supposed to say was that
it was "Made by Taiwaneese" in Ohio.

Ohio has a bunch of pottery places in and around central Ohio. But you,
as did we, noticed that much of the stuff was imported even though they
advertise local handmade pottery.