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Default Cook North Korea!

Kswck wrote:
> "Dave Smith" > wrote in message
> m...
>> Andy wrote:
>>> Cook North Korea!
>>> Let's drop some big ones now!
>>> How dare they threat a declaration of international war.

>> How ironic Andy. You live in a country that invaded Iraq because, your
>> president claimed, they had a vast arsenal of WMDs and were a threat to
>> peace. You made a preemptive strike to disarm Saddam, and then couldn't
>> find that massive arsenal.... or any WMDs at all. The US thought that it
>> would be a cake walk to invade Iraq. You assumed that the army would
>> surrender in droves like they had in the Kuwait affair, and that the
>> people would embrace freedom and democracy after the fall of Saddam. Seven
>> years later the war is dragging down your country. Thousands of soldiers
>> have been killed and many thousands more have been horribly wounded. No
>> one expects that North Korea would be easy,and you can't be dropping the
>> big ones near Russia and China.

> Actually, they did find WMD's. Just not in the quantity they were expecting.

After several years of searching, they found a couple old shells laying
around and a crate of degraded chemical shells that had been left behind
after the war with Iran. They found absolutely nothing worth invading for.