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Default Cook ANDY! {WAS: Cook North Korea!

Kswck wrote:

> "Andy" > wrote in message

> > Dave Smith said...
> >
> >> How ironic Andy. You live in a country that invaded Iraq because, your
> >> president claimed, they had a vast arsenal of WMDs and were a threat to
> >> peace.

> >
> >
> > Canada is a neutral country.
> >
> > Don't argue with US politics when Canada can't stick it's dick out to
> > help!!!
> >
> > Andy
> > --

> Get your facts straight.

I guess that Andy doesn't know:

- Canada is a founding member of NATO

- The Canadian "DEW" line of radar stations was the primary defense warning
system for North America during the Cold War era

- Canada entered WWII before the US did. Has Andy ever visited any of the
grave sites of the Canadian soldiers buried in Europe, I wonder...???

- On 9/11 when all commercial air traffic was grounded, much of that traffic
was diverted to land in Canada. The Canadians GRACIOUSLY opened their
facilities, their homes, and their hearts to the many thousands of air
travelers who were stranded in Canada for the four-day period during which
air travel was shut down. When Bush went on to address the nation that
evening he should have mentioned this and thanked Canada for this good and
selfless deed. He did not, which to me was the height of un-graciousness...

And for lagniappe Canada has a single-payer health care system which is more
humane and thus superior to the mish-moshed US health care system, SO