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Default Cook North Korea!

On Sun, 31 May 2009 10:35:29 -0400, Dave Smith
> wrote:

>Andy wrote:
>> Cook North Korea!
>> Let's drop some big ones now!
>> How dare they threat a declaration of international war.


[drivel snipped]

Simple facts: Iraq was developing long range ballistic
cannons to reach Israel. Stopped and Brit designer died
mysteriously, apparent suicide. Coincidence!

Iraq used war gases against Kurds in their war against
Iran. Gas warfare? Can you spell WMD?

After the decision to deploy forces, we waited 14 months
for the UN to get off its butt and do nothing. Saddam
did not sit on his butt and do nothing.

Why would anybody bury a MIG? Found in Iraq, based on
a tip. Why do this? To prepare it for instant flight?
Or maybe to hide it. Had we not found it, it would
never have existed.

What convoys went to Syria during that 14 months, and
why? (Conviently ignored....)

That "WMD - wasn't there" argument is tiring. Like there
were no VC's in that jungle, either. I mean you coudn't see
them, right? So they were never there.

Until you had incoming. From an enemy who wasn't there.

With this kind of thinking, we got Pearl Harbor.

Alex, annoyed.