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Default Cook North Korea!

Dave Smith said...

> Andy wrote:
>>>> Don't argue with US politics when Canada can't stick it's dick out to
>>>> help!!!
>>>> Andy
>>> I think that's the most idiotic statement that has ever come out of
>>> your yapper Andy, you are indeed a dumb ****. The US went into
>>> Afghanistan, then troops were pull for Iraq, Canada stepped in with
>>> other countries. We've lost many Canadian sons and daughters in
>>> Afghanistan, perhaps you need to look here is see the real carnage
>>> Many of these fallen soldiers were my friends, I knew their families,
>>> I knew their kids. You Andy are a dumb ****.

>> We've all lost friends and family.
>> Us more than you.

> Yeah, you have, but it is your fight, not ours, and our assistance is
> overlooked by the ignorant and uninformed. We were a lot faster jumping
> to help our neighbours than they were to help us. Then they sit around
> and complain that we don`t spend enough on defence. The US is the only
> country that we have ever had to fight off invasions from.... plural.


I'm not exactly proud of my country's conduct!

I barely have a vote that matters!

Eat first, talk later.