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Default Cook North Korea!

On Sun, 31 May 2009 09:52:27 -0500, Andy > wrote:

>Dave Smith said...
>> How ironic Andy. You live in a country that invaded Iraq because, your
>> president claimed, they had a vast arsenal of WMDs and were a threat to
>> peace.

>Canada is a neutral country.
>Don't argue with US politics when Canada can't stick it's dick out to help!!!

I think that's the most idiotic statement that has ever come out of
your yapper Andy, you are indeed a dumb ****. The US went into
Afghanistan, then troops were pull for Iraq, Canada stepped in with
other countries. We've lost many Canadian sons and daughters in
Afghanistan, perhaps you need to look here is see the real carnage

Many of these fallen soldiers were my friends, I knew their families,
I knew their kids. You Andy are a dumb ****.