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Default Cook North Korea!

Andy wrote:
> Cook North Korea!
> Let's drop some big ones now!
> How dare they threat a declaration of international war.

How ironic Andy. You live in a country that invaded Iraq because, your
president claimed, they had a vast arsenal of WMDs and were a threat to
peace. You made a preemptive strike to disarm Saddam, and then couldn't
find that massive arsenal.... or any WMDs at all. The US thought that
it would be a cake walk to invade Iraq. You assumed that the army would
surrender in droves like they had in the Kuwait affair, and that the
people would embrace freedom and democracy after the fall of Saddam.
Seven years later the war is dragging down your country. Thousands of
soldiers have been killed and many thousands more have been horribly
wounded. No one expects that North Korea would be easy,and you can't be
dropping the big ones near Russia and China.