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Default Whole Wheat and/or Bagels (I remain confused)

Tiger Lily wrote:
: W. Baker wrote:
: Julie Bove wrote:
: : "Robert of St Louis" wrote in message
: : ...
: : I keep reading that I can have whole wheat bread and bagels. I hear so
: : damned much about bread exchanges. But what if they are these 2 good
: : choices?
: : Bagels are tricky. Something about the way they are processed usually makes
: : for high blood sugar. As for the bread, you may or may not be able to.
: : Only way to know is to eat it and test at two hours later.
: Most of the bagels sold today at bagel stores are so large that they are
: the equivalent of about 4 slices of bread-even whole wheat one. that is
: about 60 grams of carb, more than most of us can eat in one meal, and is
: often the total we eat for the ewhole day.
: Wendy

: gotta agree, Wendy

: my bread is 12 grams of carbs and a bagel is 60 grams

: 12 X 5 = 60

: NO WAY can i have 5 slices of bread in one sitting, as a bagel would be

: oh......... lox, onion, cream cheese
: very very thinly slice a couple of bits of onions (the middle part will
: have to be cut in 1/2)
: place slices of lox, overlapping them, into a 'line' on a plate
: place blobs of cream cheese on lox, using as much cream cheese as you like
: place the THIN layers of onion on top........ now, roll up the lot,
: making sure the lox is the outside
: eat and enjoy! (i just did)

I eat lox and cream cheese on Wasa or Ryevita crackers and it is delish.