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Default Whole Wheat and/or Bagels (I remain confused)

Julie Bove wrote:

: "Robert of St Louis" wrote in message
: ...
: I keep reading that I can have whole wheat bread and bagels. I hear so
: damned much about bread exchanges. But what if they are these 2 good
: choices?

: Bagels are tricky. Something about the way they are processed usually makes
: for high blood sugar. As for the bread, you may or may not be able to.
: Only way to know is to eat it and test at two hours later.

Most of the bagels sold today at bagel stores are so large that they are
the equivalent of about 4 slices of bread-even whole wheat one. that is
about 60 grams of carb, more than most of us can eat in one meal, and is
often the total we eat for the ewhole day.