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Default samosa's what went wrong?

BB wrote:

Ok I got the hump.
I made up a samosa filling.
Used pre-made samosa/ spring roll pastry sheets.
Then shoved them in hot oil.
Done it before and all worked fine. Used left over pastry that was refrozen
before, no problems.
This time they puffed up and opened up, filling everywhere, well in the pan.
Small blessing.
They also didn't brown as normal.
Same pastry (Wheat flour, veg oil, salt, water it says on the packet).
Used ground nut oil as usual.
So went and bought some new wrappers. Thought maybe it's the freezing. Same
Only difference was I used lemon juice in the filling instead of mango
powder. Recipe says either.
Any ideas as to why it went wrong?
Cheers Ian

Too much filling.
Poor sealing.
Too much moisture in the filling; perhaps the lemon juice upset the