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Default Banana - cake and bread redux

bob wrote in

Our kitchen has been turned into a bakery for the past few days.
Learning curves all the way.

I ended up making three loaves of banana bread using recipes from, Mr Bill's and Jinx. All came out well, but the
one was a bit on the dry side. I would have used info's "Exported from
MasterCook" recipe, but I couldn't figure out what "Sugar Twin" meant.

I also made a banana cake using Rhonda's recipe. It was particularly

After sampling each they all went to good non-weigh****cher homes and,
unless they're just being kind, they are being enjoyed by men, women
and children as I write. I almost changed my mind about giving away
Rhonda's cake, but relented when my wife gave me one of those looks
directed at my belt line.

It is a nice recipe(there are a few good recipes in that book).I should
make it again soon - I never keep it at home though :-) I take it into work
where it goes very quickly.

I've entered it in the local show a couple of times - got second prize both
times. Both times it came second to a cake that looked like it had never
been anywhere near a banana (pale yellow in colour). Might try again this
year - it's been a couple of years, perhaps that baker has left the area

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