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Default Moulinex Regal La Machine ii food processor user's or owner's manual

In article ,

I am new to using food processors, and want to
learn how to use it.

Well, first off, the la Machine is one of the earliest models, and newer
models have safety features that had not yet been invented, so the first
thing to stress is to be careful, do not reach into the chute with your
fingers without making sure the machine if off, or safer still,
unplugged. That said:

Would I just put a vegetable like carrots or onions in
the bowl, near the blade and turn on the on/off/pulse switch and it will
chop the vegetable?

To do veggies, put the disk shaped blade in, with the wide blade edge
face up to slice, or the grater humps up to shred. If you put them in
the bowl with the chopping blade, you will get a coarse to fine puree,
depending on how you operate the machine. Turn it on and leave it on to
puree fine. Shorter intervals of time will lead to a coarser puree, or
in the case of something hard like nuts, that would be more the chopping
effect. This leads to the next question.

What is the pulse setting mean on the on/off/pulse

On means the machine stays on. Off turns it off, of course. And Pulse
only keeps the machine on as long as you press the pulse button.
Typical for a pulsing technique is to push and immediately release.
After releasing, wait for the food to settle and then repeat the press
and release. This will break things up without making them too small.
A few pulses and between each you can see how much the food is broken up
to decide if you have pulsed it enough. American's Test Kitchen on PBS
stations uses this technique periodically, so if you watch a few
episodes, you will get an opportunity to see how that is done.

The blade is a sharp blade, if I wanted to knead bread dough, I
would need a different type of blade, is that correct?

I've never done bread dough in a food processor, so I cannot speak from
experience. I do know that the sharp blade is the one used, however.
Personally, I prefer my KitchenAid Stand Mixers and various bread
machines, so I shall defer to others for this one.

As to cleaning up, I cannot say if the LM2 is dishwasher safe. Many
are, but this model is old enough that the polymers may not take the
temps and caustics of a dishwasher. An old GE model I used to its grave
did survive the dishwasher splendidly, but that doesn't equate to this
model, so you will have to decide.

To emphasize the most important point agian, do not reach into the chute
when it is set up and plugged it. Take the lid off or unplug the
machine before putting your fingers in that chute. Always use the
plunger to push things through. As to how things do what, try some
veggies with no plans to make anything in particular, just to get a feel
for what effects the different pieces achieve. Once you get acquainted,
you may likely find there are so many wonderful possibilities. Good
luck and have fun, but be safe!