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You can't go wrong with the Weber. You'll see advice to look at this or that
shiny chinese import because it has this bell and or whistle. Been there
done that myself NEVER again! Some have IR rotisserie burners (don't waste
your money). A weber with a rotis. kit will turn out superior rotis over the
IR burner EVERY time. A side burner may or may not be important. I use mine
quite a bit. SS or CI grates is up to you. I have NO problem searing
ANYTHING with my SS but I do know the benefit of CI.. I just haven't found
an overwhelming need to go out and drop the $50 over my currnet SS ones to
get them. Some will also say to go to propane dealers, or garden stores etc.
and drop big coin on Broilmaster, PCG, etc. I looked at them and cannot see
what the rave is. Built like a Sunbeam Fiesta's to me. Plus the reason they
don't sell Weber (or push them if they do) is because the profit margin is
not nearly as great to them. A weber is a commitment it'll be with you a
long time. Sometimes longer than a wife ;-) Hopefully I'll be able to peddle
my nice shiny one and get the Summit I KNEW I should have bought in the
first place :-(
"Paul" wrote in message
We're looking for a propane grill in the $500 to $600 range.

We've seen the Vermont Castings at Home Depot and that was our initial
choice, either the $400 three burner model or the $600 four burner

After reading everything here, and the FAQ, we looked at the Weber line
up this morning. We liked the Weber Genesis Gold B for $549. Stainless
steel grates and flavorizer bars. 36,000 BTUs, three burners.

Anything else we should consider or look at? Thanks in advance.